What's Happening at Fennell



Welcome to Fennell Elementary School for the 2015– 2016 school year where quality

education is better than ever. We are now in an era of accountability. Therefore, all

teachers and paraprofessionals are encouraged to follow Hampton One curriculum and

pacing guide in order that we can provide quality instruction for each student.


I express appreciation and gratitude to teachers, paraprofessionals, staff and parents for

their devoted work and their great contribution that has been rendered to Fennell Elem-

entary School. I foresee greater achievements and accomplishments as we all aspire to

labor harder in the classrooms.


It is my greatest hope as we work together, keeping in mind our most important

resource – the student - that we shall have a school year reflected with many

achievements and accomplishments.


Willie Coker


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 2017-2018 Teacher of the Year

Ms. Saidell Moore





We believe that the whole child must be nurtured with a quality education.


Fennell is a Red Carpet School

Fennell is a welcoming, friendly and attractive school!