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  Administrative Forms  

Computer Use at Fennell Elementary


If you want to be able to use the computers and Internet at Fennell Elementary,

students and parents must sign the new Acceptable Use Policy sheet and return

to Ms. Anderson. The policy was updated over the summer and all students must

sign. Get it signed and you are ready to use the computers.


Click the link to view and print the policy or pick up a copy at the school office.

FERPA 7/24/2015

The Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (“FERPA”)


The Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (“FERPA”) authorizes Hampton

School District One to release “directory information” of students to individuals

who request it. Directory information includes your child’s name, address,

telephone number, photograph (as related to School/District sponsored events,

activities and special recognitions), date and place of birth, participation in

officially recognized activities and sports , weights and heights of members of

athletic teams, dates of attendance, degrees and awards received, the most recent

previous school attended, and other similar information.


Additional, information about your child may appear in newspaper articles, on

television, in radio broadcasts, or in District or school promotional pieces.


For example, our schools frequently submit honor rolls to the local newspaper,

create athletic programs to be distributed at sports events, and post information

concerning honors and awards our students have received on our school web site.


If for some reason you object to the release of the above referenced information,

please indicate in the appropriate space on the back of this form.


 Download and print this form or pick one up from the school office.